Bride writing her intimate wedding vows for his husband at Lake Como Wedding

How to write wedding vows

Your guide to help you writing your intimate wedding vows

You are here probably because you want to create a meaningful experience for your elopement or wedding or simply because you are looking for a moving story for your wedding film. You can achieve this by planning to exchange vows at ceremony or simply by writing them down on a letter. Yes, wedding vows are the most emotive words you’ll ever tell to your partner and by telling wedding vows you will enhance the beauty and the value of your wedding ceremony.

Groom reading his wedding vows during his preparation at home

You have probably seen many wedding films with incredibly moving vows but the truth is: writing your own wedding vows can be a difficult task for the majority of the couples. Some of us are not used to express and share intimate feelings, some of us are not confident in writing, some of us don’t want to tell their deep emotions in front of other people, while some of us simply have no idea where to start. Don’t worry it is totally understandable and after photographing and filming 200+ weddings, we feel like we have something to share that could help you!

From a storyteller perspective a moving wedding vow essentially explains:

– What led you to marry your partner;
– How you picture yourself together in the future
– Your commitments towards him/her.

Depending how deep you want to dive into your emotions and story, these main guidelines can be expanded by:

– Showing shortly your love story;
– Telling your partner what makes him/her special for you;
– What you love most of your partner, etc…

The simple truth is: The more deeper and intimate you can go the more meaningful your wedding vows will be!

Here there’s a short example on how you can structure a wedding vow:

“Mark, four years are passed since we met at ____. It has not been an easy journey but I cannot describe how much I’ve been waiting for this moment. Now I’m standing in front of my best friend, my true companion who always treated me as a princess and always took care of me. I want to promise you that I’ll alwasy be loyal to you, I’ll always respect you and support your decisions. I vow to watch football matches together on Sunday evenings and patiently listen to your beloved classic music, even if I can hardly bear it. You know it very well… but I’ll do everything for you because you changed my life, in every possible way and I simply want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

As reference, enjoy this real wedding film where the couple dived deep into their emotions and exchanged really meaningful wedding vows on letters:

Now you are ready to rock your wedding vows! Create a meaningful vow and you as a couple will experience an unforgettable wedding.


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