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Planning a wedding or an elopement in Italy can be hard, challenging and stressful. We want you to get rid of all the overwhelming emotions and enjoy the planning process as smooth as possible.
With us you will experience a true, intentionally-planned, meaningful experience focused on your relationship, whether you’re deciding for a wedding or elopement services.
We’ll help you create a wedding day experience that truly reflects you and your special love. A day you will cherish forever.

Italy elopement services

YidakiStudio 9 edited scaled Experience
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the universe is a strange place, stardust falls at random and people fall in love.

We’re not just here to provide services; we’re here to be your companions throughout this journey. Our commitment includes:

↟ Assisting you in discovering the perfect locations for your ceremony and photo sessions, along with recommending trusted local vendors.
↟ Offering unique, unconventional ideas to make your elopement truly distinctive.
↟ Crafting a bespoke timeline that revolves around capturing beautiful moments, ensuring you have ample time for everything you love.
↟ Being your steadfast friends throughout the entire planning process and beyond your wedding day.

We take pride in curating a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day, eliminating the pressure of being in front of the camera. Our approach is about capturing the authenticity of your love; no forced, uncomfortable poses—just your genuine connection.
Our journey with you begins early in the enquiring process, building a connection to tell your story at a deeper, truer level. Our purpose is not only to assist but to alleviate stress, ensuring you feel supported and at ease.

italy elopement services
italy elopement services

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to tell your stORies


Investing in photography and video services for your wedding day is akin to capturing the echoes of a symphony—those fleeting, irreplaceable notes that resonate with the unique melody of your love story.
Imagine your wedding day as a rare and exquisite painting, each frame a stroke that immortalizes the intricate details and emotions.
Photography and video, when approached thoughtfully, become the storytellers of your most cherished memories, preserving the essence of the day like a time capsule.
They are the anchors to the emotions felt, the laughter shared, and the subtle nuances that make your celebration distinctly yours.
Just as a skilled artisan meticulously crafts a masterpiece, investing in quality visual documentation ensures that every glance, every touch, and every fleeting moment becomes a treasured chapter in the visual narrative of your love.


Choosing photography and video services for your elopement is akin to commissioning a bespoke piece of art—each image, a brushstroke, and every frame, a carefully composed stanza in the symphony of your intimate celebration.
Consider it as crafting a personalized love letter in visuals, ensuring that every nuance and emotion is not just captured but meticulously curated.
Our commitment is more than a service; it’s a highly crafted experience, meticulously designed to encapsulate the uniqueness of your elopement.
In a world where each detail matters, investing in quality visual storytelling guarantees that the essence of your intimate ceremony is not just documented but elevated to a level of artistry.
Your elopement deserves to be more than remembered; it deserves to be etched into the visual poetry of your personal narrative.

If the ideas within our minds strike a chord with you…


italy elopement services

Our COuples say…

AmandaBruno 1097 websize edited Experience

Amanda & Bruno

My wife and I couldn’t be happier we handed the keys to Yidaki.
The entire experience was tailored around us, from the prompt communications to the gameplan behind meeting for the pre wedding shoots.
It was for us and us only – that didn’t go unnoticed.

DanniJack 222 websize edited Experience

Danni & Jack

The photos and video capture everything about us and I believe if strangers saw this, they would perfectly understand us after watching this video.
Yidaki has shown our life, our past, our present and our future all rolled into one.

KJ 398 websize edited Experience

Karla & Justin

Since the beginning of planning, from the moment we first contacted them, they consistently communicated with us, ensuring we had our elopement timeline done, providing suggestions, and easing our nervousness as we were traveling across the world. Their genuine kindness and down-to-earth nature warmed our hearts.