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Elopement Definition

ELOPEMENT DEFINITION | What really is an elopement?!

Over the last few years couples from all over the world have shown an increasing attention for elopements and intimate weddings. Despite the rising global interest for elopements, still many couples don’t have a clear idea of what an elopement is and what are the differences with a traditional wedding.

Some couples simply believe that elopements are an extended photoshoot and in general, even between photographers, there’s a lot of misconceptions.

According to our vision, we could use this elopement definition:

“Elopements are intentionally planned intimate weddings where couples enjoy a meaningful, immersive, unforgettable day focused on the couple’s experience

It is a wedding day! A different one, yes, but still a wedding day: way more than just a 2 hours photoshoot. It’s a different way in which a couple decides to celebrate their journey, commit everlasting love to each other, exchanging vows that can never be undone.



The difference is in the intent.

Traditional weddings are planned to share the wedding day with friends and family, creating an atmosphere that could entertain the guests. This is why at a traditional wedding there’s a catering preparing meals for guests, accommodation for them, musicians / bands and so on.

On elopements instead the attention is shifted mainly on the couple’s experience.
The focus is really on the couple, not on the guests. Therefore often on elopements there are less then 10 guests or sometimes they are totally absent and the whole day is planned to let the couple live an authentic experience for themselves. 


Usually during a traditional wedding day the couple spends the majority of their time with the guests, celebrating, eating and dancing together. The result is that just few moments of the day are an intimate time to be spent only with the partner (generally only the portrait session) on your best day ever!

Elopements instead allow couples to spend their dream wedding day doing what their love and truly represents them. Having few or no guests helps couples to plan their wedding day with an easier approach focusing on their experience, doing things that would be absolutely impossible during a traditional wedding.

Think for example of kayaking or diving into your favourite bookshop before your ceremony. Imagine enjoying an epic helicopter ride over the mountains, exploring your favourite location in your wedding attire, enjoying an intimate pic-nic in a hidden beach at sunset, adventure on the beach with lanterns, stargazing from your Airbnb, etc..

You get the point. Sky’s the limit.

Bride and groom close to an old vintage car for their Capri Wedding in Italy | Elopement Definition

Eloping means freedom. Freedom from the stress of planning a huge event, coordinating many vendors, finding the right fit with everyone’s needs and desires. At elopements sometimes the only vendor involved is just the photographer who guides the couple in their planning process, resulting in a way more relaxed experience.

Elopements also help couples, especially those who are more introverts and shy, to avoid the fear of telling their own intimate vows in front of 100+ people. Intimacy is a key pillar of elopements!

Choosing to plan an elopement is intentional. This is for couples that don’t want to follow traditions and rules but want to experience an unforgettable wedding day in an intimate and meaningful atmosphere, doing what they love chasing their dreams.

Can you picture yourself on an intimate elopement for your wedding? Do you want to live an authentic and meaningful experience for your soulmate? Look no further and contact us from the form below. We’ll help you planning your elopement and realising all your dreams!


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