Bride and Groom walking in the desert of La Graciosa for their Lanzarote Elopement

Lanzarote Elopement Guide

Lanzarote Elopement Guide
How, where and when to elope in Lanzarote

There’s a little island close to the African continent which is becoming one of the most popular destinations for adventurous intimate weddings: Lanzarote.

This volcanic land in the Canary Islands combines all the raw elements for a true adventurous elopement: the black lands of lava, the wild desert, the rough Atlantic ocean, the art of César Manrique and the warm and nice temperatures. They all make Lanzarote and La Graciosa (a little island on top of Lanzarote) a top choice when it comes down to finding the right elopement location in Europe.


These below are some of our favourite places to elope in Lanzarote. We are pretty confindent you’ll find unique gems here:

  1. Jameos del Agua

The beautiful lava caves of Jameos del Agua are a unique wedding location where nature meets the white-shaped elegant structures which made Lanzarote famous worldwide.

  1. Cactus Garden

Totally unconventional but yet incredibly beautiful, the Cactus Garden is a well-curated collection of hundreds of different plants which may be the right spot for unconventional wedding photos.

Bride and groom couple hugs during wedding at Cactus Garden in Lanzarote
  1. Fundacion Cesar Manrique

For the art lovers, the complex of Fundacion Cesar Manrique is where the great artist Manrique reinvented the destiny of Lanzarote shaping every corner with his vision. 

  1. Caldera de los Cuervos

What about getting married on top of a volcano? There’s nothing like the emotions of celebrating love in contact with the raw nature of this location. The black surfaces of this volcano are the perfect background for wedding dress, making them beautifully pop out in the pictures. It’s easy to access, usually not crowded. For us, it simply is the best elopement location in Lanzarote.

Bride and groom sitting on the desert of LA Graciosa during Lanzarote Elopement
  1. Famara

The most famous beach of Lanzarote. Famara is the place where high mountains slowly meet the rough ocean while surfers have fun with waves. This 6-kms beach welcomes brave couples and steals their heart forever.

  1. La Graciosa

If your priority is intimacy and privacy, then the little island of La Graciosa is the perfect spot for you. Imagine a little copy of Lanzarote without big crowds, this is what to expect in the beautiful La Graciosa.

Bride sitting on a bench in front of a white building in La Graciosa during wedding photoshoot in La Graciosa


As for many other European wedding destinations, planning a legal ceremony can be tricky, overwhelming and sometimes almost impossible. It is going to be way easier for you to plan a symbolic ceremony in this beautiful land and do all the paperwork in your country. When opting for a symbolic ceremony you basically don’t need to worry about bureaucracy and simply plan all the details of your intimate wedding dream.

Some couples decide to include in their elopement day a celebrant leading the ceremony. This sometimes gives a “more official” look to the day. However many other couples simply prefer to exchange their wedding vows privately without the help of a celebrant, keeping a more intimate vibe to their elopement.


There’s no specific rule when planning your adventurous elopement in Lanzarote but as experienced elopement photographers our advice is to plan your main photo sessions at sunrise or sunset to get the best light for your wedding photos. So a generic Lanzarote elopement timeline could be:

– 8.30 – 10 am Breakfast, chilling in the accommodation and having a lovely walk to get into the mood
– 13 – 14.30 Getting ready in your place
– 15 Emotional first look in the area
– 15.30 Leaving accommodation for an adventurous shoot on the beach of Famara
– 17 Ceremony at Caldera de los Cuervos
– 17.30 Popping champagne on top of the volcano
– 18.30 Final adventure and pictures in the black lands of La Geria
– 20 Intimate candle-lit dinner


Thanks to its position, Lanzarote always has nice weather and temperatures for elopements and intimate weddings through the whole year. The only advice could be to avoid July and August when the island gets really crowded and the temperatures very hot.

As a general rule of thumbs, the rainy season in Lanzarote is between December and March.
However, usually rain is something isolated and doesn’t last for days.

Bride and groom hugging in the desert of Lanzarote at sunset during Lanzarote elopement


  • How much does it cost to elope in Lanzarote?

    Eloping in Lanzarote is relatively cheap compared with other major elopement destinations in Europe. It’s hard to define a final budget but you’ll be able to plan a beautiful Lanzarote elopement within € 10.000 high-end photo & video team, accommodations and flowers. You don’t need much to celebrate your love in this adventurous land!

  • Is it easy to elope in Lanzarote?

    Planning an elopement is usually way easier compared with a big traditional weddings. Most of elopement photographers, as we do, also offer planning assistance or guidance to make sure your process go smoothly. Finally, having a simbolyc wedding ceremony in Lanzarote doesn’t require paperwork and it’s not necessary to ask for permits to elope in most of the iconic locations.

  • Can you legally elope in Lanzarote?

    Lanzarote accepts any kind of wedding celebrations. However it’s not possible to legally get married in Lanzarote unless you are a resident of the island. This is why most of the couples opt for a symbolic ceremony or vow renewal in Lanzarote. This may also include a celebrant if the couple wish it.


As experienced elopement photographers we’d love to guide you in the planning process and capture your once in a lifetime dream wedding experience in Lanzarote. We accept a limited number of bookings every year in order to take care of every couple suggesting locations, referring needed vendors and defining the timeline of the day, making sure you have enough time to do everything you love.

Let’s get in contact here and let’s plan together your future Lanzarote elopement!

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