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Why you should plan a Full-Day Elopement Experience in 2021


Elopement means freedom. Freedom in planning your dream day, freedom from stress and worries. This is the beauty of elopements: no more rules or traditions to follow. You are in complete charge of planning your best couple experience ever.

And now the questions: how should I plan my elopement? How long should it go for? 3/4 hours in total is enough?

Let’s start from the basics: the main part of an elopement is the ceremony. You are choosing to elope because you want to spend your life together with your partner, and you want this experience to be intimate, deep and passionate.
The ceremony in itself can be very quick. In almost 20 minutes you can be legally married and exchange your intimate vows. Every other element of an elopement has the magic role to enhance the beauty of the day and to create an unforgettable experience around you and your partner.

So, how to choose? Let’s think about this: you are intentionally deciding to tie the knot in an unconventional way, without being forced to follow old traditions and plan a lot of things for making your guests happy.
Instead, you want your wedding day to be an intimate and unique experience.
So, since you are deciding to not worry about big expectations from your guests and just focusing on the two of you, why should you just limit this experience to the minimum?

Couple hugging in our Elopement Wedding Journal

Top four reasons to schedule and plan a full-day elopement experience?

  1. You will get way more epic and touching memories (photo and video)
  2. You will have a very emotional and intimate elopement experience
  3. Your love story deserves such a meaningful wedding day
  4. You won’t regret it in the future

Yes, a full-day elopement will be your best couple experience! So, now that you want to go deeper how could you plan a longer elopement? Here there are some cool experiences you could add to your timeline:

  • Morning walk with your future partner
  • Letters reading
  • Getting ready together
  • First look / first touch
  • Adventure photo-session
  • Helicopter tour
  • After-ceremony pic-nic
  • Champagne popping
  • Intimate first dance
  • Romantic candlelit dinner
Helicopter shootin during a full-day elopement in Italy

Your full-day elopement experience will be unforgettable!
We highly believe in the value of emotional memories, especially in elopements where most of your friends will not be with you, and we’d be super happy to tell the world your best couple experience ever through our photos and films.
If you resonate with our vision, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the form below. We’ll invite you to our preliminary meeting via Zoom to get to know each other and hear about your elopement dreams.


Full-Day Elopement planning for Pinterest showing a couple kissing inside an helicopter

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