I want to create not just memories but true, strong feelings through your intimate love story.

we promise to craft a deeply memorable experience, etched in the cinematic beauty of moments that linger forver in your heart.

Italy wedding photographer

I’m aurora, the person behind the lens

I love to observe and find uniqueness in every person I have to tell.

I officially embarked on my professional journey as a wedding photographer in 2019, although my passion for photography dates back to 2014.
From the very beginning, I have drawn inspiration from the profound ability to capture not only memories but genuine, heartfelt emotions.
Photography, to me, is a potent medium for sensing, creating, and expressing the depths of my heart. It has been a transformative path, filled with the discovery and evolution of my style and vision.
In the realm of weddings, I found enchantment in the profound connections between couples—strong bonds woven with shared dreams and a love so palpable. Witnessing this love sparked my passion.
My goal is to evoke a timeless emotional connection as you revisit your wedding photos over the years, immersing yourself in every detail that made your day uniquely yours.
I aspire to narrate your love story, transcending the confines of a single day, and transforming your tale into a piece of art — distinctive and extraordinary.

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