I don't want to create just memories but true, strong feelings through your intimate love story.

wedding elopement photographer Italy

I'm Aurora, the person behind the lens

I love to observe and find uniqueness in every person I have to tell.

I’ve been photographing weddings since 2014. I’ve always been inspired by the power of creating not just memories but real, true feelings.

For me photography is a powerful way to feel, to create, to express what’s in my heart. Has been a long way since I started to understand and create my style, my vision.

When I started with weddings I was fascinated by the connections between my couples, how they were so strong and believed in their dreams together, how their love was so touching.

I want you to get emotional through the years while watching your wedding photos and remember every detail that made your day unique.

I want to tell your love story, not just a day, turning your storytelling into a piece of art, unique and special.

lake como / Italy

Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

Wedding at Chateau de Mairy

Lake Elopement at

Sunset in Italy

Villa Esengrini Montalbano Wedding

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Tuscany Elopement at Sunset