Bride an groom kissing at sunset during elopement | Tuscany Elopement Guide

Tuscany Elopement Guide

Tuscany Elopement Guide
How, where and when to elope in Tuscany

It’s not a secret that Tuscany is often the dream wedding setting of many couples from around the world: the beautiful landscape, the food and wine culture, the historical cities make Tuscany a true gem for intimate weddings and elopements, absolutely one of the “Best Elopement Locations in Italy”.

Tuscany is located in the Central-Northern area of Italy. It’s easy to reach thanks to many airports such as “Amerigo Vespucci Airport” (Florence). In some cases you’ll need to fly to Rome and then rent a car or reach your destination by train.


These are probably the best three areas where you can plan an intimate wedding and an unforgettable Tuscany elopement experience:

– Val d’Orcia
– Florence
– Siena


This is a valley in the heart of Tuscany known for its stunning hills with poetical cypress avenues and sunsets. It has also been the setting of the most iconic scenes of the movie “The Gladiator”. In Val d’Orcia you can get married in places like:

Elopement ceremony with ring during Tuscany Elopement Guide
Bride and groom in front of Agriturismo Baccoleno during Tuscany Elopement Guide

Planning to exchange your wedding vows in one of these places is the best way to ensure intimacy for your ceremonies. You’ll find lovely corners everywhere in Val d’Orcia.

Your love can also be celebrated in beautiful old towns such as Pienza.  You’ll love to explore its city center, all the little streets and the beautiful balcony overlooking the hills. Enjoying Pienza in the early hours of the day is the best way to get the best out of the experience, avoiding big crowds. 


The eternal city does not require any presentation. One of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence is the perfect background for architecture and history lovers. Every corner is special and unique.

It’s hard to find intimate spots in such a visited city. You’ll have more chances exploring Florence right after sunrise. A wonderful place to exchange wedding vows at dawn is Piazzale Michelangelo, where the beautiful cityscape of Florence will be your wedding ceremony background.

Florence can also be explored outside of the elopement day as part of an additional photography session. This will be a beautiful add to your photographic memories.

Bride and groom walking at sunrise in Florence during Tuscany Elopement Guide

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Similar to Florence but just a little bit smaller, Siena is the perfect elopement location if you want to enjoy a beautiful historical city without too many tourists. Castles, avenues and little coffee shops give to Siena a unique atmosphere.


The best timeframe to really enjoy an elopement in Tuscany is between May and October. The tourists peak season kicks in from June until mid September, in which especially historical cities are usually very crowded.

June-August are usually the hotter months when it rains very little and temperatures can go up to 35/38 °C (mainly in August). May and October are usually more unstable, rainy but way cooler. 

In terms of light, June and July have longer days turning into more time for activities during your elopement day.


Most of our couples opt for a symbolic ceremony for their elopement in Tuscany, doing all their paperwork in their country before leaving for Italy. It is usually the simplest way to plan a destination wedding. 

During such a symbolic ceremony, most of the couples exchange wedding vows that bound them together. The choice to include an officiant and a small group of guests is up to you.

If you wish to plan a legal wedding ceremony in Italy, you’ll be able to find all the details and necessary documents in your ambassy’s website. For istance, if you are from US this is the link for you.


h. 7.30 – 9 Exploring Pienza in the early morning, grabbing some cappuccinos at local coffee, getting into the mood
h. 9.30 – 12 Break
h. 12 – 12.30 Lunch with a view at your accommodation
h. 13-15 Getting ready
h. 15.30 First look in the gardens
h. 16 – 17 Exploring the beauty of Tuscan hills while driving vintage car
h. 17.30 Ceremony
h. 18 Champagne popping and group pics
h. 18.30 – 20 Photoshoot at sunset
h. 20 – 21.30 Intimate dinner + cake cutting

Bride and groom kissing in a field at sunset during Tuscany Elopement Guide

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  • How much does it cost to elope in Tuscany?

    It really depends on the number of vendors you are going to include. In average you’ll need € 10.000 for accomodation & meals, vintage rental car, flowers, experienced photographer & videographer. In comparison with other areas in Italy, it’s relatively cheaper eloping in Tuscany. Lake Como or Amalfi Coast has usually higher price tags.

  • Is it easy to elope in Tuscany?

    Planning an elopement is usually way easier compared with a big traditional weddings. Most of elopement photographers, as we do, also offer planning assistance or guidance to make sure your process go smoothly. Finally, having a simbolyc wedding ceremony in Italy doesn’t require much paperworks and it’s not necessary to ask for permits to elope in most of the iconic locations.

  • Can foreigners elope in Italy?

    Couples eloping in Tuscany or Italy in general are usually from US, Canada or UK, so yes it is possible! As foreigners you’ll love the vibes of the beautiful landscapes in Italy, the taste of the food and wine and you’ll be able to end up your trip with a lovely honeymoon in one of the most amazing countries on Earth.


After photographing many elopements and intimate weddings in Tuscany, we’ve established solid connections with local vendors and found unique places to suggest you. We’d love to capturing both on photo and film your adventurous and romantic love in Tuscany while helping you as much as we can during your planning process.

Excited by the idea of celebrating your love in Tuscany with us? Fill in the contact form on our website and let’s get the ball rolling!

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