Wedding Videography Mentorship with bride and groom at Villa del Balbianello in Lake Como

Courses and Mentoring for Wedding Photographers

Invest in educatiON

We’re here to share what we’ve learned throughout the years.

Our purpose is to apply everything we have learned to help you improving your creativity and your business. We want you to achieve your goals without unpleasant surprises.
In case you’re a beginner as a photographer trying to approach the wedding industry or a professional trying to find new perspectives, our mentoring sessions are structured to fit your needs and give you that boost to find the right way.
Mentoring or workshops are personalized based on your experience level and interests.

Photography or videography

Mentoring 1 to 1

Suggested topics

  • How to find inspiration
  • What defines your style
  • Storytelling
  • How to manage light and cinematic techniques
  • How to manage your couples
  • Workflow



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Workshop 1 to 1

This is your chance to directly learn from our shooting-style, learn how to work with couples, how to gently pose them and to edit and craft an emotional cinematic film or gallery.
We also go through the business and marketing strategies to level up your business.
Every private workshop is divided into 3 sections.
We start off with a mentorship session, followed by a video or photo content shoot with a wonderful real couple, and then finishing with an editing session.
Every sections lasts 2 hours with intermissions between each of them.
You only need to bring your camera, your laptop and we do the rest!




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