Bride and groom enjoying boat ride at Lake Como Elopement Guide

Lake Como Elopement Guide

Lake Como Elopement Guide
How, where and when to elope in Lake Como

Eloping in Lake Como is more than just getting married in one of the most romantic and iconic landscapes of Italy. It is a truly unique experience! With all its little cute villages on the lakes’ shore, Lake Como offers couples an unforgettable fairytale atmosphere for weddings. It’s easy to understand why it has been included in our guide on the “Best Elopement Locations in Italy”.

Lake Como is located in Northern Italy, really close to the Swiss border. Reaching this area by plane is very easy thanks to its proximity to Malpensa International Airport (about 40 mins drive) which hosts long-haul flights from many destinations.


In order to really enjoy the Lake Como elopement experience, it is highly suggested to plan the day including a boat ride and booking a villa (or more) for one or two hours. The reason behind this is that it’s really hard to explore the Lake Como area by foot and find intimate empty spots, since most of the little old villages surrounding the area are often very crowded and not connected with walking paths.

With this generic advice in mind, a typical Lake Como elopement timeline could look like:

  • h. 9 Breakfast with a view at your hotel
  • h. 11-14 Getting ready at hotel
  • h. 14.30 First look in the hotel gardens
  • h. 15-15.30 Boat transfer to Villa 1
  • h. 15.30-16 Ceremony at Villa 1
  • h. 16-17 Shooting at Villa 1
  • h. 17-18 Boat ride around the lake + popping champagne
  • h. 18-19 Shooting at Villa 2
  • h. 19-19.30 Boat ride to restaurant
  • h. 19.30-21 Intimate dinner + cake cutting

This is just a generic timeline. Your day can look like this or be totally unique and different. When it comes down to elopements, sky’s the limit!

These are the most commonly picked Lake Como Wedding Venues for ceremonies and shootings:

Bride and groom at Villa del Balbianello for their wedding

Enjoy the full story of Lydia & Justin eloping at Villa del Balbianello here

When planning and booking the boat tour many couples decide to visit the wonderful “Orrido di Nesso” and celebrate their love by popping some champagne in front of it! Absolutely stunning, you will love it!

Bride and groom in front of Orrido di Nesso for their Lake Como Elopement


When choosing how to get married in Lake Como, there are basically two ceremony options available for you: legal or symbolic ceremony.

Most eloping couples decide to do all the paperworks in their country and enjoy in Lake Como a symbolic ceremony, which may also include a celebrant, exchanging wedding vows. 

Elopement ceremony at Villa Monastero

Other couples opt for a legal ceremony in Italy which involves a longer process, some paperworks in the city where the wedding ceremony will be held and a translator. If you wish to plan a legal ceremony then it can be useful to reach out to some local planners to get more guidance and help in the process.


The weather on the lake is very unpredictable but it is easier to fully enjoy an elopement on Lake Como from late spring to late summer, so approximately during April-September. During the other months it’s easier to get cloudy and especially rainy days.

April-September is also the time in which days are longer, meaning more time for your outdoor activities and adventures!

lake como elopement guide 13 1 Lake Como Elopement Guide


  • How much does it cost to elope in Lake Como?

    On average eloping in Lake could cost about € 10.000. This includes an experienced team of elopement photographers & videographers, accomodation, boat rental (5 hours), two villas bookings (1,5 hours each), bouquet, intimate dinner. The total cost will be higher including musicians, celebrant or a wedding planning. What to include in you elopement and how to budget your day at the end, really comes down to what you value the most.

  • Is it easy to elope in Italy?

    Planning an elopement is usually way easier compared with a big traditional weddings. Most of elopement photographers, as we do, also offer planning assistance or guidance to make sure your process go smoothly. Finally, having a simbolyc wedding ceremony in Italy doesn’t require paperwork and it’s not necessary to ask for permits to elope in most of the iconic locations.

  • Can you legally elope in Lake Como?

    Yes of course: any kind of wedding ceremony is legal in Italy! Planning a legal ceremony involves more paperworks and more time so if you wish to plan to get legally married in Italy it may be helpful a wedding planner to guide you through the process. A symbolic ceremony can be planned easily and may include a celebrant


We are based in Lake Como and we feel so honored to live here! We know many amazing places to visit on the lake and we’ve established solid connections with local trusted vendors. As local experts, we have captured many elopements in Lake Como and we are here to guide you through your planning process, suggesting the right locations and timing for your elopement. We’ll help you create a wedding day experience that truly reflects you and your unique love. A day you will cherish forever!

If you are looking for a Lake Como Elopement Photographer we’d love to chat about your vision, connect with you and help realizing your wedding dreams. Start by hitting the contact button and filling in our contact form. You’ll get our reply very soon!

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