Photography is the way we met, and the reason we fell in love with eachother.

that's why telling love stories together is our dream job.

a film of us during one of our trip

Our team



Photographer & Postproducer

Videographer & filmmaker

Wedding Videography Mentorship in the Dolomites

Film lover and occasionally piano player. I really like old cameras, vintage lenses and love creating memories when travelling. I find inspiration in cinema and art, and I'm passionate about telling stories through my vision.

Bookworm, space addicted and animal lover. My perfect date are thrift shops where I could buy the strangest things. I see art in everything I do, always getting inspired by everyday stuff like nature and people around me. That's why when I'm not photographing weddings I start a lot of personal projects. I also have a little collection of old cameras and polaroids.

april 2022


september 2022

Barcellona, Spain

Puglia, Italy

We travel all around italy and beyond

september 2022

may 2022

Tuscany, Italy

Venice, Italy

october 2022

august 2022

Dolomites, Italy

Rome, Italy