Photography is the way we met, and the reason we fell in love with eachother.

that's why telling love stories together is our dream job.

a film of us during one of our trip


Our team


Photographer & Postproducer

Videographer & filmmaker

Film lover and an occasional piano player, my passion for storytelling knows no bounds. As a wedding videographer, I have the incredible opportunity to capture love in motion and turn cherished moments into everlasting memories.

My love affair with old cameras and vintage lenses adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to my work. I believe there's an undeniable magic in the imperfections of vintage equipment, and it breathes life into the stories I tell through my lens.

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me exploring new places and creating memories while traveling with my wife and our dog. The world is my canvas, and I draw inspiration from the diverse cultures and landscapes I encounter, infusing each wedding video with the beauty of our shared human experience.

Cinema and art are my guiding stars; they've shaped my approach to storytelling and videography.

I'm a photographer in love with nostalgic vibes, space, thrift shops, my animals, and everything vintage. From a young age, I was captivated by the beauty of old photographs and the stories they held. I strive to infuse my work with that same timeless charm, transporting viewers to moments that evoke a longing for the past and dreams of the future.

Space has always fascinated me… the stars, nebulae, and celestial wonders become my celestial subjects, adding a touch of nostalgic mood to my art, as if I'm taking everyone on a journey through distant galaxies.

My animals are my constant companions and muses. They grace my photographs with their warmth and vulnerability, capturing the essence of pure love and loyalty, something that goes beyond words.

I hope my photography leaves a lasting impression on the souls of those who encounter my work.

It's my way of sharing the magic I find in the world with all of you.


We travel all around italy and beyond