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Dolomites Elopement Guide

The ultimate guide for your
Adventurous Dolomites Elopement in 2024

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Where are the Dolomites?

Worldwide known for their breathtaking beauty, the Dolomites are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. Just close to the Swiss and Austrian border, the Dolomites pass through different Italian cities and regions as Trento, Bolzano and South Tyrol.

In August 2009, the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that’s why so many tourists come every year to enjoy an adventure on the Dolomites. In the South Tyrol region, closer to the Austrian border, there are many people speaking mainly German and secondly Italian (plus Ladin, as a local language). In South Tyrol is also very evident the German culture influence, since this region of the Dolomites used to be part of the Austrian Empire. In all the other areas Italian is the dominant language.

How to get to the Dolomites?

The easiest way to reach the Dolomites by flight is getting to Milan International Airport (Malpensa) or to Munich, as these are the main airports serving long-haul airlines. There are other airports which are closer to the Dolomites such as Venice Airport and Innsbruck Airport (as shown in the map below), but they usually serve short-haul airlines.

It’s highly recommended to reach the Dolomites by car from one of these airports. It will be easier for you to move freely through the region, stopping along the itinerary to enjoy the view and take epic shots as also it will be very funny to drive at iconic roads and mountain passes.
Innsbruck Airport is about 1.30 hours away from the central area of the Dolomites, while Venice Airport is 3,3 hours away from this region. Clik at the map below to access the routes. You can easily rent your car prior to your departure via website and pick it up at the airport.

Where to stay in the Dolomites?

Once in the Dolomites you will have a bunch of different possibilities for accommodation from a comfy AirBnB, a luxurious chalet to an adventurous mountain refuge overnight. These are the perfect starting points when planning your Dolomites Elopement.

Best AirBnBs in the Dolomites

Best Chalets in the Dolomites

We highly suggest MiChalet for an incredible luxury experience.

Best Mountain refugees in the Dolomites:

Landscape view of mountain refuge in the Dolomites with cloudy sky and green grass

When to visit/elope in the Dolomites?

Always. This would be enough, but if we want to dig deeper we’d say every season offers a unique perspective of the Dolomites.

As a general rule of thumb, we’d say summer (June-September) is the perfect season for visiting and to elope in the Dolomites since the temperatures are warmer and the days are longer and all the main locations are reachable. On the other hand, as a consequence, Dolomites can get very crowded during summer, especially for the most iconic spots.

Winter season starts from late November until March and if you are dreaming of a Dolomites Elopement in the snow or while skiing, then this will be of course the best choice for you. During winter and spring season (March-June) many places can be inaccessible or totally frozen as mountain passes or lakes – for example Braies Lake.

Autumn season (October-November) enhances the beauty of  Dolomites. This region is in fact full of threes and green valleys, that during fall turn into a kaleidoscope of incredible colours. The temperatures are still acceptable, most of the lakes are still unfrozen and the days are long enough to enjoy your Dolomites Elopement.

How to get legally married in the Dolomites?

It’s possible to get married with a religious or civil ceremony in Italy. It will be necessary to submit your paperwork to the city hall of the closest town to the actual ceremony location a few weeks/months before the wedding day, to ensure that everything will go smooth.
In particular you need to bring with you a passport, original birth certificates, evidence of end of previous marriage status, a nulla osta (certificate of permission to get married in Italy) and a marriage Declaration at the town hall in Italy that you intend to get married.
To celebrate your marriage in the Dolomites you’ll need a celebrant, legally recognised by the Italian Government, or the local mayor. The wedding ceremony must be held in Italian or German language, for all the other languages a translator is required.
If you prefer to avoid these difficulties you can do all the legal paperwork at home and experience a more “relaxed” elopement adventure in the Dolomites.

Dolomites Elopement Ceremonies

Most of the couples decide to get legally married at home privately or the day before their elopement in the city hall, and in this way they are able to easily plan their Dolomites Elopement as a true adventure (hiking to a wonderful mountain lake, reach an epic mountain hut, and so on). After getting legally married some couples decide to bring however a celebrant for their elopement and have a symbolic ceremony with the closest friends and family. Others decide to privately say their intimate, personal and deep vows without other people looking at them.
However you decide to plan your ceremony, it will definitely be an amazing and unforgettable experience!

Elopement Locations in the Dolomites

  • Braies Lake
  • Seceda
  • Cadini di Misurina
  • Val di Funes
  • Three Peaks

Braies Lake

Also known as Pragser Wildsee, Braies Lake is an authentic gem in the Dolomites. Located at 1,500m above sea level in the Pusteria Valley, Braies Lake is worldwide known for its turquoise-green water color and for the Seekofel massif (2,8210 m) that surrounds it.
It is beautiful and unique during every season but in summer its amazing colors are at their best. However keep in mind that in recent years, the popularity of this lake skyrocketed, which means that this location is usually very crowded, especially during summer season.
Indeed it is common to find other photographers and wedding couples in this iconic lake, so if you are looking for a private and intimate elopement, you’d better consider elope at Braies Lake in the early morning.
It is possible to rent privately the unique boathouse (aka “La Palafitta”, see picture below) for the ceremony or shooting from 7 to 8 am for €150 but it still doesn’t mean to be 100% sure of privacy, as however some tourists can break the magic atmosphere. If you prefer not to risk, probably would be better to visit this incredible location some days after your elopement and enjoy an amazing shooting here.

Lake Braies Prato Piazza Elopement Wedding 63 Dolomites Elopement Guide

Find here a complete portfolio of a recent Lake Braies Elopement we’ve shot recently.

Looking to celebrate your adventurous love at Lake Braies? We’d love to share our expertise and capture your love. Feel free to get in touch and let’s start talking about your Dolomites Elopement!


This will be unforgettable. Seceda is an iconic spot of Val Garden, located at 2,500 m. Only at this location you’ll be able to enjoy the impressive succession of rocky ridges that on one side rise up to a cliff with their vertical walls and on the other side gently extend over the meadows.
Despite being at high altitude, reaching Seceda is very easy. In fact, the easiest way to reach this magic spot is from Ortisei city and by using two ski lifts: the first one is the cableway Ortisei-Furnes and then the cableway Furnes-Seceda. The total cost for roundtrip is about 40€ per person.
Once on top of the second cableway, in about 20 minutes it is possible to reach by foot the viewpoint and enjoy an epic elopement there.

View of mount Seceda during summer with green fields - Very popular Dolomites Elopement location
Yidaki Studio Dolomites Seceda Elopement Photographer 27 1 Dolomites Elopement Guide

We absolutely love this epic location for adventurous couples! The view at Seceda is just incredible and it’s wide enough to find an intimate spot for everyone. Looking forward to eloping at Seceda? We’d love to guide you and capture your rocky love story! Get in touch and let’s the ball rolling.

Cadini di Misurina

Simply our favorite Dolomites Elopement location: Cadini di Misurina is absolutely magical and wild! This location offers a breathtaking overview of the sharp pinnacles of Dolomites in all their glory.
This Elopement spot can be reached through Rifugio Auronzo, near Misurina city, which is accessible by car. It’s a private road so you’ll need to pay 30€ (35$) to drive it with a car or 45€ (56$) with a campervan. If you want to stay overnight there’s an additional fee of 15€ (18$). Once at Rifugio Auronzo, a 35-45 minutes walk on the mountain path nr. 117 will guide you to this famous viewpoint!

Tre Cime Lavaredo Dolomites Elopement Wedding 13 Dolomites Elopement Guide

Val di Funes

Probably the most beautiful valley in the Dolomites, Val di Funes offers so much for a Dolomites Elopement in just 24km. It’s very easy to reach by car pointing at San Pietro village and it’s on the opposite side of Seceda, previously mentioned. There are many little villages in the valley and they are all amazing with lovely views. There are also lovely little churches with their peculiar architecture that add beauty to this little gem of the Dolomites. It’s an easier option for a Dolomites Elopement since in the valley it will be easier to find accommodations as hotels, chalets and AirBnBs.

View of Val di Funes at summer in a sunny day with beautiful landscapes - Dolomites Elopement location

Tre Cime (Three Peaks)

The Three Peaks National Park is absolutely a very iconic place in the Dolomites and in 2009 they were declared UNESCO World Heritage. They are accessible through Rifugio Auronzo, as for Cadini di Misurina. Once reached the Rifugio there are many mountain paths, signed with red and white marks, to follow and discover this incredible area. Along these paths there are many viewpoints that are suitable for a private and intimate Dolomites Elopement.

Tre Cime Lavaredo Dolomites Elopement Wedding 3 Dolomites Elopement Guide
View of Three Peaks of Lavaredo at dawn in the Dolomites Elopement

How to avoid crowds at the Dolomites?

Being part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the Dolomites attire many tourists in every season, so this region can be very often very crowded. In order to avoid crowded areas it is very important to rely on experts and guides who can suggest specific areas and spots for an intimate wedding.
Another option is to celebrate your elopement at sunrise, when there are usually less people around. This may mean waking up very early in the morning and starting your adventure at dawn. Although it can be challenging, this will help you to get a very intimate and special elopement with a perfect lighting condition.

Photography permits

Differently from most US National Parks, there’s no need to obtain permits for a symbolic wedding ceremony or bringing a photographer to document your Dolomites Elopement.
However to preserve the beauty of the Dolomites it’s very important to apply Leave No Trace Principles.

What to visit in the Dolomites

Once eloped in the Dolomites, you can take advantage of being there to enjoy a wonderful trip in the Dolomites. You can visit one of the places mentioned before, hike the Three Peaks Loop (10km-loop from Rifugio Auronzo through pinnacles and WW1 tunnel systems) or visit one of the major alpine lakes as Lake of the Cadore or Lake Carezza.
It will be a wonderful occasion to relax, enjoy wonderful views and experience nature.

Lateral view of Three Peaks of Laveredo at spring in a cloudy and sunnt day

Elopement planning guide – Example timetable for a sunset elopement

8.30 am – Wake up, delicious breakfast in bed & enjoy each others company
10:15am ~ Planner, florals, and hair and makeup stylist arrive
11:15am ~ Photo & Video team arrives – start to take getting ready shots, detailed shots (location, rings, flowers, dress etc.)
12:15pm ~ Hair and makeup finishes, bride and groom dress
12:45pm ~ First look photos
1:15pm ~ Photographers leave to select the ceremony location
1:45pm ~ Planner, bride, groom, and guests leave for the ceremony
2:45pm ~ Ceremony
3:00pm ~ Hair and makeup touch ups, photos with guests
3:15pm ~ Bride and groom photos, planner and guests leave
4:10pm ~ Adventure couple session & sunset photos
5:15pm ~ Dinner and dessert, sign marriage license (witnesses: parents)
6:15pm ~ Champagne/sparkler photos

Dolomites Elopement Packages

We are glad to help you out with planning your adventurous wedding in the Dolomites, suggesting you AirBnBs, chaletes, secret locations. We have established a solid network with elopement planners, celebrants, make up artists and florists that can really help you easily plan your dream Elopement in the Dolomites. Get in touch with us using the contact form below.

Dolomites Elopement Photographer & Videographer

We are Christian and Aurora, a photo & video team based close to the Dolomites and in the past years we have gained a lot of experience on Adventure Elopements in this beautiful region.
We offer a complete and cohesive photo & video package that can help you relive and remember for generations the emotions that you’ll feel during your unforgettable Dolomites Elopement and the deep love story that led you to this important step in your life. Simply get in touch with us using the contact form below and let’s start planning your exclusive and intimate elopement experience!

Couple running at sunset during their Dolomites Elopement in Italy

You are now ready to start planning your unforgettable Dolomites Elopement. We’d love to help you further and provide you our know-how and expertise for your adventurous wedding. Feel free to fill in the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you within a few hours.

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